Why Participate in Our Workplace Campaigns?

Giving at the workplace brings us together, and makes us feel good about ourselves and the companies we work for.

The United Way of St. Mary’s County’s annual workplace giving campaign creates that feeling of knowing that you have done the right thing and made someone else’s life better.

United Way of St. Mary’s County workplace campaign also bring  much needed funds to our region.  In the past year United Way of St. Mary’s County distributed over $200,000.00 to advance the common good in our county. 

Why Launch a United Way of St. Mary’s County Workplace Campaign?

There are multiple reasons.  Here are a few:

Community Building at the Workplace

  • Meet your company’s philanthropic goals through a trusted brand in workplace giving.
  • Build trust and increase goodwill among customers and employees by giving back to the community.
  • Energize your employees by focusing your organization toward a common goal which builds morale and teamwork.
  • Offer a simple, convenient, and efficient way for your employees to support the community and the causes they believe in.
  • Connect employees to their community because United Way of St. Mary’s County matches employee’s volunteer teams with great opportunities to help our community.

We Help Every Step of the Way

  • Easy Methods for donation: We offer convenience and affordability in giving options such as payroll deduction and electronic pledging.
  • We promote your involvement: When you give through United Way, you become a part of a network with several local businesses, federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community groups involved.  We help bring year round, community-wide recognition to you and your employees.
  • Your employees choose who they help:  When your employees donate through United Way, their gift will be invested to help those in need in St. Mary’s County.  They also have a wide variety of options how they would like their investment directed.

If you would like to introduce a workplace campaign to your company, please contact: 

           Susan D. Lloyd, Executive Director at 301-862-5577 or